OSHO™ Center Energy Darshan


in the middle of nature

ambiente selvaggioInserted in a context of a wild agricultural land, between sea and lagoon, which is considered as protected oasis by the WWF , the project ‘s Energy Darshan was born about 15 years ago, with an extension of about 2500 meters.
This year the area will be implemented, reaching an area of 5000 m², the land now connect the sea to the lagoon, joinig agricolture, with weatherproof structures.

services for members

ristorazioneThe planned services include: Restaurant for members, bar, showers, umbrellas and beach mats, two mini garden tubs with whirpool, a large hall for meditation, yoga, dance, etc. … and other large spaces for events, concerts and parties. Play fields (soccer, volleyball and more), ping-pong.

beach and sea

spiaggiaThe nearby beach access puts the Energy Darshan in a wonderful position, joining the relaxation of a wild beach with the comforts of supporting structure where tha guests can deposit bags, take a shower or enjoy a drink after a sunny day and even join the evening buffet with international menues and local food.

meditation and relax

buddha hallThe “dream”, the “vision” is present in various aspects of the center, supporting relaxation techniques and meditation, chill out spaces, various oriental massages and music as suppert for relaxation, dance and passion.
The new concept, still basic foundation of the old grounded Center, is to give space to arts in all its forms: music, dance, painting, theater, movies, etc. … by organizing concerts, events, exhibitions, focusind the need to enjoy moments of festivity and celebration.


coltivazioniWith a special awareness of the surrounding, the restaurant will assure that the majority of raw materials for the food, according to the seasonal availability, will be purchased by farmers from neighbourhood and even self coultivated raw vegetables.